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  1. I'm open to discussion but I'm what I call hetero-flexible. mostly into ladies, but if the atmosphere or mood hits me, I might suck a dick o something
  2. Just harmless curiosity hope you don't mind
  3. So you're into babes, dudes, both??
  4. haha, yeah I figured out what got you confused after the fact when I re-read my comment, sorry for the confusion... Love your contributions, you lucky dog, you!
  5. I always tought you were a dude but recently I saw a comment you made saying something like: those guys could be my boyfriends, or something like that and then I got confused
  6. does it? what confused you?
  7. aaaaaa now it makes sense
  8. I'm a dude, who CD's
  9. I'm slightly confused, Dude or Babe???
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