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    SILs Thongs

    Quick update! The texts continue - she definitely knows I’m stroking/cumming in honor of her scent! Last week, I told her that I definitely want to sniff her thong(s) in 2020, if she still wouldn’t mind... She sent me a bunch of smileys, so I asked if that meant she doesn’t mind. She said...
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    New pics of Dawn!

    Happy holidays, Scott and Dawn!
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    My Kinky Girlfriend

    E makes my cock rock hard!!! E, please spread your cheeks wide for us!!!!
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    My lovely Aussie wife.

    She's so HOT!!!!!! Love to see her asshole peeking out from the sides of her thong string!!! Spread those cheeks wide!
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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    OMG! wife just peeled off her thong after working out and I had to snap a shot real quick!!! be sure to zoom in and check out that fresh, glistening pussy juice!!!!
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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Dang! Here’s her fresh hot thong from this morning. Just peeled it off before heading to workout. She loves to wear a new thong when she works out for some reason, but that’s fine with me! Check out the HOT stains she left from yesterday and last night!!!!! Cock hardeningly awesome!!! enjoy!
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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Happy Friday guys! Wife just peeled this orange VS thong off this morning! Of course, I checked the hamper when she left for work... holy fuck, this smells like fresh asshole! And she left a HOT skid mark for good measure! I’m about to put that skid to my nose and blow a huge load! I hope you...
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    My girl

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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Here’s a HOT one!!!! I caught this smoking hot VTL last night from my wife and I knew I had to share!!! From the shape of it I was thinking it must be her tiny black VS Pink thong... Sure enough, I found it in the hamper this morning! Fresh and hot, with a few sexy stains and a tiny skid that...
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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Saturday Skiddin’! Wife just headed out and left behind this hot VS Pink thong - including a couple tiny skids!!! As you can imagine, the scent is fresh and strong - and would surely induce cum blasts from many of you!!! enjoy
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    Married life

    Her ass is HOT! Man, you’ve got to get her to spread those hot ass cheeks wide so we can see her asshole spokes peeking out from the sides of the string while it runs across her asshole!!!!
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    My Kinky Girlfriend

    E!!!!! You’re HOT!!! I LOVE seeing little glimpses of the sexy spikes of your asshole in the plug shot where you’re sort of spreading your ass!!!! would still LOVE to see some super close ups of your asshole while you spread your cheeks wide!!! Pretty please?!?!? You guys rock!
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    My Gf

    She is HOT!!! Amazing ass!!! I’d love to blow a load to the scent of her asshole!!! spread those cheeks wide for us!!!
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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    I know you would, and I wish you could!!! Glad you like!
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    What do you think about my wife ?

    Sexy stains!!!