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  • To my followers:New updated photos are in my thread
    And on a new update on my onlyfans...I'm double checking to see if it is safe to use still but when I get it up and running I'll let you all know🖤
    To my followers...I'm starting photos for onlyfans so I'll keep you'll I touch and I'll let you know when I'm live on onlyfans🖤🖤🖤 I been getting help from a youtuber for posting content so I hope it'll all be good and hope to make a little extra money while doing more content ..didn't know I'll be going this far or even make it this far with out all your support!I love all of you and thank you expecially to the ones who have been helping me mentally...you guys who you are and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ....I love you guys
    To my followers: I been happy to say I been having success with posting content for whaletailforums and another site and I enjoy every single minute of it...now I'm considering posting in onlyfans and considered making that my second main site. That being said I will only be posting thong related material for my threads for now on and working on content to put on onlyfans.thank you for the love and support and update coming soon lovuall
    Good for you! Looks like I have learn about fans only; I know nothing about it.
    Any way you would tell us what the other site is that you post on
    Just w8ing around so decided to do a bra pic so I put two of them up on my threads....check it out and tell me that Cha think😊🥰lov you'll and have a good day
    Great what did I get myself into.... cleaning today.my girl friend wanted to pull out.shes beyond drunk and I'm way over my caffeine on energy drinks lol I'm still up and I'm on watch to make sure she doesn't try to run out of her apparmemt 😊I'm gonna drink but later on this week .just had to rant and a quick update but pics soon to come when I get home😘😊love you all and be safe ...I'm gonna try to wear out my energy some how
    Good morning everyone hope you are all safe and ok ..I have my new update pics for today 😍😋hope you enjoy and I have a special treat for all my followers in a separate pic update
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