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    Thongs and crossdressing

    Looking so cute, gurl.
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    My Hall of fame thongs...

    Great work putting the Hall of Fame together. Seeing a lot of my all time favourites in here. And to think, these women probably didn't even realize they had slipped, much less that they'd be immortalized in the Hall. :LOL:
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    Sexy Whaletails

    Another incredible post. It's great seeing your old shopping videos getting a second life as gifs. Those are legendary.
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    Thanks for sharing. I think that is honestly one of the loudest reactions I've ever heard.
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    Sydney Sweeney Discussing Thongs

    These were incredible. Thanks so much for sharing them.
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    Sexy Whaletails

    Just incredible work. Thank you so much for keeping this going. It's such a highlight seeing that you've posted new content.
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    Wrestling Thongs Collection!

    Thanks so much for posting this (was hoping someone would). She was slipping all match during Battle of the Belts. The commentary team kept saying "slip" and "pull-up" like they were ribbing her for when she watches the footage later. There was a really big one going over the rail into the crowd...
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    Wrestling Thongs Collection!

    Saw this too. It was like I was watching Lita in the 2000s. More of this please.
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    Mall or lingerie store for panties?

    I agree that you can't go wrong. I've only had positive experience shopping for myself in sex stores, VS, and even places that aren't just lingerie like Urban Outfitters. People are more open minded than you'd think. Just don't act like a creep and people will treat you with respect back.
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    Chat with Bumble Girl

    Thanks for posting. These chats are always entertaining.
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    Twitch Streamer/Youtuber Thong Mentions

    Thanks for findings these and putting it all together. Incredible haul.
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    Thanks for posting. Haven't seen an awesome reaction like that in a long time.
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    Wearing thong during massage

    I went to a new massage place last week. It was a proper therapeutic clinic so I didn’t wear a thong for my first visit. The therapist was incredibly talkative during the session, and end up telling me that she used to work at Victoria’s Secret. I asked her what it was like and she said her...
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    Wrestling Thongs Collection!

    I wonder if Tay Conti saw that; VS shine straps are kind of her thing.
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    Everything Male Thong Humiliation

    This was such a great idea for a thread. Love those screen captures from the old videos.