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    Sportswomen Thongs

    Beautiful wedgie there, her arse swallowed those shorts up
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    Kali Uchis Possibly my new favourite ever whaletail...
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    Lots of ass and lots of tatts, guess who?!

    You are an absolute dream, thanks for your posts!! 😩
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    Kali Uchis From her Instagram!
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    Walking around in a Thong/G-String

    My girl does all the time, she literally only wears thongs.
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    Whaletail friendly Onlyfans creators My personal favourite
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    Whaletail friendly Onlyfans creators Been talking to Ariel for a long time and her only fans is amazing. A lot of sexy stuff but she focuses a lot on whaletails in different style thongs and g strings. She does custom stuff too which I've got and is AMAZING. Highly recommended.
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    Sonia Doubell Thong

    Wow this is some amazing content!
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    The Cabins - ITV2

    My girl wonders why I love watching this show so much haha!
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    Please, do you have a link or several Google Drive with lots of wedgie videos?

    Hey man can you send me the link to de crgff? Would massively appreciate it.
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    Keith Lemon Goes Christmas Shopping

    That's a horny sentence right there
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    Mrs love_ass

    Mate your girl is absolute 🔥🔥🔥! Such a lucky guy if you have kik message me I have something I want to repay you with!
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    Emily Atack

    Worth watching, I saw this live on TV and it's fucking hot.
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    Maisie Smith Thong

    Absolute fire she is
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    Stacey solomon

    Very, very hot segment!