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    Why are thongs so hot?

    It also drives you even more crazy when women don’t want you to see it!:love: But it’s ok for a woman to wear a sexy two-piece thong bikini to the beach for all to see. That I’ll never understand!:LOL:
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    Whale Tail Stories

    Must’ve been hot! Definitely could see why she chose to never wear that particular outfit again, unfortunate for us though!:sneaky:
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    Kate Upton Thong

    Can’t believe he’s been spamming this thread for over two years!:cautious::rolleyes:
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    Maya Hawke Thong

    Bare thong and bra too, sexy!:love:
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    I’d sneak up and rip that sexy thing out of her pants!
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    Sonia Doubell youtube/instagram

    The fact that she responded to some of them in the comment section saying that she didn’t realize her thong was showing. Like how do you not at least feel your leggings slowly slipping down your ass!? That’s what makes it so much more sexy knowing how oblivious she was.:love:
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    My gf in thong bikini... Hottest ass ever? What do you think guys?

    Her ass looks amazing in that thong bikini, please post more!
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    I would likely instantly get hard just seeing this in person. Btw what style Victoria Secret thong is this?
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    My gf in thong bikini... Hottest ass ever? What do you think guys?

    Yes her ass is AMAZING! A nice whale tail would make my day. Btw how old is she if I may ask?
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    What kind of brand thong is that? Seems pretty thick and sexy!
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    Does she do it on purpose?
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    Shirt tucked into underwear

    I really do wonder if this was staged!? I mean she didn’t seem to mind then again they’re a couple, and having your shirt tucked into your thong after using the restroom just tells me she was really asking for it.:ROFLMAO: His response “just tuck it back in” was classic and I lost track of the...
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    What kind of thong is that? It looks very thick!
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    My Kinky Girlfriend

    Those jeans are more off than on!:LOL: Anyways the one with her bent over in front of the fridge just SCREAMS for attention! That string ia up there quite a ways!