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    Does anyone have this pedasstrian video?

    Code is below the post with the link: vs1YtMyPP-jpyILZaXpXm3ARNCYAUlXSjXEfdSCoB84
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    Girlfriend's juicy ass on display

    Very hot! Love the thong!
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    Whale tail hunter

    Amazing captures!
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    My Cute Girl And Her beautiful Whaletails

    That is truly amazing. Such a low rise jeans and what a sexy buttcrack, her thong whaletails and just disappears
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    So hot! Did you catch the neighbor staring? I know you would catch me with my jaw on the ground
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    Clean With Me Videos

    4:15 indeed, but also around the 0:56 mark. Nice find!
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    Whale tail hunter

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    Fresh off the boat

    Amazing, nice find! Do they show off more in that show?
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    Stories about my girlfriend

    I don't have many, but there are a few more I could type out. To share pics, I'd really want to discuss that with her, I'm not comfortable doing that without telling her. I hope to make progress on that end, whenever she's so into showing off that she'll do it all the time.. sorry guys...
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    Wife always whaletailing!

    Very curious to see! Almost can't even handle the suspense of waiting!
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    Stories about my girlfriend

    Actually there is some very nice progress to tell you about. As I told you before, she’s quite into showing off her thong in public. Recently, on a day she actually showed her thong quite a lot, I asked her whether it had become easier to show it off, and she told me yes. She said that she...
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    Girls in tight low rise jeans

    Really hot when girls show off their thong in combination with their buttcrack. You don't see it a lot anymore, you really need a good eye to find the one girl that does show off. Just wrote up a story from a while ago on another thread. Have been having some exciting experiences with my girlfriend
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    My Gf

    Love that little red thong!
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    YEARS of Personal Captures

    Great captures man! Love your posts!
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    The Art of Hunting Thongs

    Those might be the best captures I've ever seen! It's amazing how low rise her jeans is, and the fact that she's so oblivious of her thong being out, while there's so many people around her. Amazing shots! She's super sexy. Thanks very much for sharing