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  • I have some more i’ll Be posting soon. I found out from a work colleague of hers who assumed I knew. Turns out they were having a discussion about ripping off clothes and who actually does that. My wife said that it was made up and didn’t actually happen as clothes are too well made. Someone dared her to let him try. She said no way as her clothes were too expensive. He bet he could rip her underwear off. She laughed and bet he couldn’t. So he did! In front of six guys and a few girls
    Hope we get to see more not seen anything from you in a long time. Loved hearing about her adventures our with work. And how did the panties break we never found out did we ? Haha.
    Wow I really love your posts. Love to see more of you sexy wife fully nude with face and I have a few of my MIL also with some ex gfs I would love to trade?
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