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20-02, 22:06
live panty raid on kik now. PM me to join
20-02, 02:17
20-02, 00:05
No problem
19-02, 23:13
Thanks for the update. Nothing suspicious has happened for me yet, so no worries
19-02, 22:02
Site Update: I think the guy/bot spamming the blog section has caused a few problems. I am still trying to fix the issues. Please bare with me as I have a million things to do and this is not an easy problem to fix. Thanks for your patience.
19-02, 21:57
No worries
19-02, 21:53
sry for the red writing i just realized is reserved to admin
19-02, 21:27
added good stuff in the wedgie section
19-02, 16:16
19-02, 16:16
nope, not working, still dangerour
19-02, 01:35
anyone camming??? dizzle1216 here
18-02, 15:57
Any one in here
18-02, 00:24
still says dangerous site
17-02, 14:33
17-02, 11:45
Is the site working for everyone now??
17-02, 08:14
some classic candids and other whale tails http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...8102#post68102
17-02, 06:02
I can't plan past Friday
15-02, 03:05
anyone on skype this sat?
12-02, 06:52
Check the whats new section. Its getting ridiculously annoying
12-02, 06:52
Can we do something about this idiot spammer?
07-02, 06:22
06-02, 12:04
ok Thonking! I hope you can fix it soon!!
06-02, 11:10
I am still working on a fix. I have disabled all ads on the site
02-02, 07:58
Trip to the mall, buying thongs from hot girls http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...g-Thongs/page5
02-02, 04:44
I just force chrome to visit the page but seriously. wft is up with the security warning. it's been weeks
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