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New 04-01, 17:41
Not sure why the site keeps crashing. I have fixed the search button though.
New 30-12, 00:09
Hope you all had a nice Christmas! I am away for a while but I will reply to all messages at the start of the new year
New 21-12, 11:09
** I meant @Thong_King
New 21-12, 11:08
@whaletailcouple no danger of that! Make sure to check my twitter @ThongKing if the site ever goes down again as that is where I will post the updates
New 20-12, 15:45
Yeah that is what I saw as well. Looks like my web hosting people have sorted it now.
New 20-12, 11:30
Did anyone have trouble accessing this site in the past few days??? I think the site may have been hacked for a while..
New 02-11, 13:43
Anyone playing Battlefield 1? Check out this video to see an aswome sniper shot! -
New 03-10, 11:18
harrybrogan10 submit the screen shot like everyone else had to
New 14-07, 23:58
It is really fun
New 14-07, 12:19
Pokemon Go is out in the UK today. Anyone playing it???
New 07-06, 19:12
Sorry I will be offline for the next few days. I reply to messages and send out passwords when I get back. Thanks.
New 22-05, 22:12
Went to Amsterdam last year so I had some fun there
New 13-05, 09:01
Seriously need some more mods for the celebrity thong section! Please let me know if you are interested!
New 06-05, 18:35
New 06-05, 14:09
Please watch this short push up video - It helps to support the site! Thanks
New 24-04, 20:44
New 24-04, 20:43
New 18-04, 12:06
Make sure to check out my other site as I have uploaded a new logo featuring one of the members from the site!
New 30-03, 23:28
Where abouts from London are you from?
New 28-03, 14:05
I'm from the UK
New 26-03, 01:09
This might be what you are after max-turbado!!!!
New 22-03, 10:36
Hey guys, remember if you can please upload an avatar picture as I think it looks much better than just a user name posting things. A more pictures of sexy girls/thongs can't be a bad thing
New 18-03, 09:59
Very strange. I don't know why this is
New 06-03, 13:42
New 05-03, 20:17
Sorry I have not be that active on the site lately, got a new job so that is taking up most of my time
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