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28-03, 03:37
To be specific, the people that run had problems with a thread on the forum that showed images of their work.
27-03, 04:20
ThongNation ran the forum and I just owned the URL. The host for the forum and imagehost came under attack from a copyright holder that wouldn't go away. ThongNation has since decided to shutdown and not of dealing with the BS. I'm at his mercy \_(ツ)_/
23-12, 05:17
She's at
24-05, 16:57
You need to email him.
03-05, 16:41
Welcome to!!
30-03, 18:44
*hears the sound of crickets*
30-03, 18:44
*Looks to the left*
30-03, 18:44
*looks to the right*
29-03, 23:22
29-03, 23:00
The "New Posts" button still doesn't work.
29-03, 22:59
29-03, 22:12
You actually got me excited for a split second.
29-03, 22:06
Should the search work now?
29-03, 21:48
If my timing was off, I feel terrible. I'll give it another 12 minutes. Hoping for a YUGE update.
29-03, 21:47
29-03, 21:47
29-03, 21:42
oh, I thought there was to be a SITE update... not just more talk. Apology accepted, though.
29-03, 20:39
The time is nigh!!!!!!
25-03, 20:00
See you later,! It was fun See you at!
24-03, 06:47
If you'd like to see what the forum looks like right now, go to - the temporary URL until things transfer to
24-03, 06:45
We'll be posting there from now on!
24-03, 06:45
We're the proud new owners of A small forum will be live in a few hours. There are no ads, no bullshit, a dedicated image host, and the list goes on. Everyone is welcome to check it out and contribute!
23-03, 15:37
WT-F Community: No, I cannot delete your account. Please send your requests to ThongKing. I understand he isn't responding to your PMs - nothing I can do. #SAD
21-03, 07:02
Also, I cannot fix any of the issues with the forum so please send your PMs to ThongKing
21-03, 06:59
ThongKing - Fix the issues by April 1st, or we're moving on.
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