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23-12, 06:17
She's at
24-05, 17:57
You need to email him.
03-05, 17:41
Welcome to!!
30-03, 19:44
*hears the sound of crickets*
30-03, 19:44
*Looks to the left*
30-03, 19:44
*looks to the right*
30-03, 00:22
30-03, 00:00
The "New Posts" button still doesn't work.
29-03, 23:59
29-03, 23:12
You actually got me excited for a split second.
29-03, 23:06
Should the search work now?
29-03, 22:48
If my timing was off, I feel terrible. I'll give it another 12 minutes. Hoping for a YUGE update.
29-03, 22:47
29-03, 22:47
29-03, 22:42
oh, I thought there was to be a SITE update... not just more talk. Apology accepted, though.
29-03, 21:39
The time is nigh!!!!!!
25-03, 21:00
See you later,! It was fun See you at!
24-03, 07:47
If you'd like to see what the forum looks like right now, go to - the temporary URL until things transfer to
24-03, 07:45
We'll be posting there from now on!
24-03, 07:45
We're the proud new owners of A small forum will be live in a few hours. There are no ads, no bullshit, a dedicated image host, and the list goes on. Everyone is welcome to check it out and contribute!
23-03, 16:37
WT-F Community: No, I cannot delete your account. Please send your requests to ThongKing. I understand he isn't responding to your PMs - nothing I can do. #SAD
21-03, 08:02
Also, I cannot fix any of the issues with the forum so please send your PMs to ThongKing
21-03, 07:59
ThongKing - Fix the issues by April 1st, or we're moving on.
21-03, 07:58
You guys (and gals!) are what I care about most.
21-03, 07:56
The site needs to be safe, reliable, and hosted on servers that are secure. I've asked ThongKing to fix the issues with the forum. I've even extended the idea of taking ownership of the forum because of the lack of maintenance and care.
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