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New 21-12, 14:21
ThongKing, amazing!
New 21-12, 01:29
ThongKing, never ever leave us so worried again... I thougth the site had gone offline =/
New 04-07, 02:25
for those who don't know us, feel free to check our pics and get in touch
New 04-07, 02:20
we're still alive!
New 04-07, 02:20
New 24-05, 02:11
ThongKing, yeah, such setting wasn't working though
New 23-05, 23:57
Now it seems to be working properly. I only have to login once when entering the site. And it'll stay logged in
New 23-05, 23:57
ThongKing, I used to have to login on the landing page (main page), then whenever getting in any topic, I'd have to login again
New 23-05, 19:33
Login module is finally working correctly! Yay
New 14-05, 22:58
Oh, alright! And with such a growing site, you may consider yourself a thong king indeed =D
New 14-05, 21:53
ThongKing, are you ThongWatcher?
New 14-05, 04:29
Make sure to check all of the previous pages on that thread. And please comment!
New 14-05, 04:29
New 04-03, 03:34
I'm right here
New 01-03, 23:09
Btw, ThongWatchers, we'll be back into posting soon! And we liked the idea of including the site's name in the pic -- we'll be helping you with the marketing as well!
New 01-03, 23:06
But as mentioned before, none of our pics include her face, so we're cool with it. It's always fun and exciting to know others are enjoying our pics.
New 01-03, 23:05
I always do reverse image searches on our pictures and have found them on many different sites.
New 01-03, 23:04
We have had lots of pictures 'stolen' from here and posted in other places. We don't like that term though. We prefer to think people like our pics so much that they help us 'share' them with others
New 20-02, 19:26
What happened to
New 26-01, 14:01
Hey everyone! Back in town! Back to this great community
New 23-12, 03:42
Great news that people from the old site are finding their way to this new community!
New 23-12, 03:41
Hey Secretwifepics, welcome aboard!
New 23-12, 02:22
It's always good to find new people that love the same things we do
New 23-12, 02:21
You're very welcome! And be sure to check my thread in the members' section =)
New 23-12, 02:13
hey Pattysaelim, welcome to our whaletail community
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