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21-03, 06:21
site is still dangerous and error filled, what's going on?
18-03, 22:34
Fuck ya you do gstringaddict. We need more thongwife pleassee
18-03, 10:11
I think I can speak for the community here when I say, "We've missed your updates!"
18-03, 10:10
Longs story short, it's safe. Feel free to post any and all updates you have
18-03, 10:09
ThongWife, Chrome reports it as a deceptive site because it doesn't use 'https'. The spyware/popups have been cleaned up and the site is submitted for review from Google to get the 'deceptive site' flag turned off for it.
17-03, 03:02
when will this site not be dangerous? i wana update my threads
11-03, 10:16
Kik me right now to trade thong drawer and Raid pics. @universityred
10-03, 02:16
the New Posts page is down again
08-03, 01:36
Found this whale tail on reddit, anybody know if its from one of the regular members here? http://www.imagebam.com/image/f81715536809293
03-03, 05:55
I want the celebrity thong video password
02-03, 17:15
KIK thatguy_761 to panty chat and trade pics...online now
28-02, 07:27
Some buying thongs updates to check out!! http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...g-Thongs/page6
26-02, 15:24
25-02, 07:15
Thong flashing, VTLs and Twitter Pics http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...-Thongs/page12
22-02, 11:37
I still get rejected saying that this site is unsafe. Against my better judgement I turned off my virus check to come here.
22-02, 07:45
22-02, 02:44
20-02, 22:06
live panty raid on kik now. PM me to join
20-02, 02:17
20-02, 00:05
No problem
19-02, 23:13
Thanks for the update. Nothing suspicious has happened for me yet, so no worries
19-02, 22:02
Site Update: I think the guy/bot spamming the blog section has caused a few problems. I am still trying to fix the issues. Please bare with me as I have a million things to do and this is not an easy problem to fix. Thanks for your patience.
19-02, 21:57
No worries
19-02, 21:53
sry for the red writing i just realized is reserved to admin
19-02, 21:27
added good stuff in the wedgie section
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