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07-02, 06:22
06-02, 12:04
ok Thonking! I hope you can fix it soon!!
06-02, 11:10
I am still working on a fix. I have disabled all ads on the site
02-02, 07:58
Trip to the mall, buying thongs from hot girls http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...g-Thongs/page5
02-02, 04:44
I just force chrome to visit the page but seriously. wft is up with the security warning. it's been weeks
01-02, 07:20
01-02, 06:06
I've been using public computers to accesthe site and already fucked up two of those that had very lame anti virus.
31-01, 09:53
Sorry guys I am looking into this problem as will try to have it fixed as soon as possible
25-01, 22:49
same here ivan
24-01, 20:40
so i will not be comming back anytime soon... sorry
24-01, 20:39
two different browzers, my antivirus, my firewall and my OS had labeled this forum as highly dangerous and I even had to disconnect my computer from the web because this page was trying to acces and download info from my harddrive
24-01, 07:17
Conversation with an older saleswoman about thongs in lingerie store http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...g-Thongs/page4
23-01, 08:07
23-01, 06:17
New Whale Tail updatehttp://whaletail-forum.com/showthread.php?992-Sexy-Whaletails/page94
22-01, 16:35
how to solve that? admin?
21-01, 14:27
This page is insecure (broken HTTPS).
21-01, 14:26
yeah im getting warnings
20-01, 01:52
Yes getting dangerous warnings from Chrome
19-01, 18:31
19-01, 02:37
19-01, 02:37
19-01, 01:29
yes said that the website was compromised
19-01, 01:21
anyone getting security errors when entering the site?
18-01, 02:25
skype anyone? dizzle1216 here
17-01, 18:44
Who is the administrator? There are some errors appearing when you try to see the latest posts and threads of a member. Can someone fix it? Thanks
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