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07-10, 20:51
skype me for fun @ jay.paqueletto, lots of thongs and panties and toys
07-10, 14:36
07-10, 09:41
05-10, 22:02
http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...6315#post26315 new update guys let me know what you think
04-10, 18:21
anyone on skype in thongs?
03-10, 17:52
Top 5 Crash Bandicoot 1 Level - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz5A1RfHIUs
02-10, 22:28
IMPORTANT!! You can now use any image host you like while I sort out my new image host site
02-10, 19:49
Yeah itshould ust appear once. I am trying to manage the costs of this site
02-10, 19:44
is the pop up when first coming onto this site a new thing like on babetastic where you get hit with it once? i assume everyone else gets it
02-10, 17:11
Yeah sorry about this. I am working on it.
02-10, 16:43
Pictures are down again?
02-10, 11:44
Also I'm a bit of a neat freak and like all of the images the same size. The image can be viewed on full size on whaleimage.com
02-10, 11:44
Sorry but I can only allow the thumbnail version. This is because the big style images take up a lot of space on this site and Imagen if every started doing that. It would cause the website to become slower.
02-10, 11:42
Why is it that an option after uploading is by code full size the post shows up large(which I really do like the full large image in the thread) but then it goes away a few hours later and shrinks back to the tiny version?
02-10, 11:33
No problem. Thanks for baring with me
02-10, 11:31
Thank you sir. I understand this is a transition phase.
02-10, 11:29
Site should be back up now
02-10, 11:23
Just some set up problems, working on a fix right now. Sorry for the inconvenience
02-10, 11:18
Why is it that the new image site is down so none of the new pics can be seen? Now I can't upload or contribute to the site.
30-09, 12:44
Very important news! Please read this thread http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...5868#post25868
30-09, 12:43
30-09, 12:43
30-09, 12:43
30-09, 12:43
30-09, 12:43
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