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01-09, 03:46
Hey guys just put up pics after a long drought check me out http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...3144#post23144
01-09, 02:20
31-08, 18:17
30-08, 17:57
sup all
28-08, 15:13
28-08, 10:17
27-08, 23:07
Never mind it seems fixed now
27-08, 02:19
Anyone else having problems with imagebam? It doesn't load up when I click on pictures from this site, but works fine on other sites??
27-08, 01:45
26-08, 22:29
I'm still working on the like button, should be up and running soon
26-08, 05:32
Posted a new set of pics in Sexy Whaletails thread, big update check it out!
26-08, 01:13
25-08, 09:57
No problem PF3FF3R. Thanks for being patient
25-08, 06:04
so glad the site is back! Thanks TK
25-08, 00:33
Fair point. I wasn't sure about the dislike option. I will get rid of it.
25-08, 00:19
I always eliminate the "dislike" option. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!
25-08, 00:12
Not sure if that is possible. I will have a look for you though
25-08, 00:09
It would be nice to see who is using the "like" button. Is that possible?
24-08, 23:14
It looks like there is a problem with the like button. I am working to fix this
24-08, 20:37
The site is back online. Thank you for being so patient. Make sure the check out the new site updates in the 'News and Announcements' section.
17-08, 20:12
The site will go offline in about one or two days and should only be offline for or two days also
17-08, 20:11
Thanks Queno, the site has been online for over a year.
17-08, 16:44
When will the site go offline for maintenance?
17-08, 12:53
Did took a long time to have gotten this forum dynamic
17-08, 12:52
Fantastic progress
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