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07-01, 19:21
Nice one mate. Yeah same I have lost many images due to sites closing down
07-01, 19:10
attempting to recruit more people
07-01, 17:22
thanks. I've had to start over too many times already
06-01, 22:51
No sure what you mean? But yeah this whale tail forum is not going anywhere!
06-01, 21:31
I wish the lovely young lady who took over her Boyfriends thread would message me…better yet visit me from Europe! Long Live Whale Tail Forum!
06-01, 18:01
06-01, 14:56
Trlakia, please delete your message as we do not allow spam on the chat box
06-01, 13:41
06-01, 04:20
Yeah membership is rising everyday, so hopefully
06-01, 03:56
Good to know. Hopefully everyone I lost contact with too finds this place
05-01, 23:48
Thanks stringit21, glad to hear it. And unlike the last website, this one will never go down so you will get to keep your senior status forever.
05-01, 23:28
slowly but surely I will regain my senior status. As soon as I get my Web fixed I'll be re uploading my gfs collection
05-01, 17:27
No problem
05-01, 16:35
ok thank u
04-01, 17:52
That section is not currently active. I will let members know when it is and how to get the password.
04-01, 15:26
how do i get the password for the members idle section?
02-01, 20:27
Happy new year guys! I will be working hard to make this site better over the course of 2015
31-12, 11:25
Have a good new year everyone.Don't get too lit!!!!
30-12, 18:58
about to fuck some panties here
30-12, 00:01
Kik me dirtyboii1 I got thongs I wanna show off that I've stolen
28-12, 22:16
anyone around for cam?
28-12, 10:24
Yeah a lot of people have joined. More coming everyday!
28-12, 09:03
Everybody should be here now except zcallen, davezza en the couple with the calvin klein thongs panty masks fetish
28-12, 07:26
Thanks. No one is sure why it closed. A lot of people migrated here and more people are migrating/joining everyday
28-12, 01:07
why did it close? did everyone from there migrate here?
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