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05-06, 21:53
*can't keep up!
05-06, 21:53
I feel like this past week or so there's been a ridiculous amount of great material posted. So I just want to say thanks to all the members that have been participating lately. It makes the forum strong! I've been trying to comment on all of it but I can
04-06, 20:31
Who likes a girl in a club dress
04-06, 06:49
on a roll. yesterday got 3 thongs off a girl in my kik room. found one in a customers car, raided one today off a milf, tomorrow I'm getting 2 from a local girl, possibly getting another off another person's gf, and still planning another raid!
03-06, 13:45
A legend? Really?
03-06, 08:27
plus5nine you are a legend in my eyes
02-06, 17:09
Chicago people where are you!
02-06, 15:14
cool man
02-06, 14:45
Do it
02-06, 14:39
Yes I was on the original whaletail.com site
02-06, 14:36
Sounds great plus5nine. Where you on the old site?
02-06, 13:29
I think I should make a return and continue to share my wife with you all
01-06, 23:35
5 spots left
01-06, 23:34
Sorry it's #pantiesgalore
01-06, 23:19
6 spots open for my a kik group u admin. #pantieagalore if you're not willing to communicate, compliment, share then don't bother. come say hi and have fun
01-06, 03:20
whats up?
30-05, 20:50
sup guys
30-05, 14:40
Any women or coupled in the Chicago area ? Looking for a quick hookup
30-05, 07:56
anybody on
29-05, 07:06
No problem
29-05, 06:36
Thank you all working now
28-05, 16:45
Think I fixed it oanty pervert. Let me know if it sorted.
28-05, 14:35
Thong king please help me I can't post or send messages
28-05, 14:34
My posting permissions are all fucked up
28-05, 05:20
Panty play kik dirtyboii1 it's lste
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