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New 18-12, 23:44
New 18-12, 23:42
hey , we made it over !!
New 18-12, 04:37
Thanks whaletailcouple I hope this site can be better then the old site
New 18-12, 03:22
Queno, forget about that site. It's gone. We're here now
New 17-12, 23:28
@Queno-... I have nothing to do with whaletailtalk, so I can't help. Feel free to use this site as an alternative though
New 17-12, 20:14
Get whaletailtalk online pleazzzz!!!
New 17-12, 00:28
I created this forum around the start of March 2014 so about 9 months. Why do you ask?
New 16-12, 23:59
how old is this foum?
New 16-12, 23:59
Sure thing. Will send an email soon
New 16-12, 23:52
Send an email to this address jeansforum@online.de and the administrator will register you manually.We've been getting nailed by spambots.
New 15-12, 15:45
Yeah I tried to register as well but it said my email was invalid
New 15-12, 15:44
same here, the menu image is broken for me.
New 15-12, 15:35
Tony: as I told you in a message, I tried to register, but it said my email was invalid
New 15-12, 15:35
Thong Watchers: it does show up, but the menu images are broken
New 15-12, 15:26
I mean the smiley drop down menu thing
New 15-12, 15:25
Quick question, does the smiley icon show up in the chat for you guys?
New 15-12, 15:22
New 15-12, 12:37
Actually I'm from Florida.I'm not spamming,just comparing.We require registration to access our threads.I won't mention my forum again.
New 15-12, 12:21
.De utschland
New 15-12, 12:21
Nevermind. You're german
New 15-12, 12:19
@TONY and i just tried that site and it doesn't work
New 15-12, 12:18
Tony, you should stop spamming. Just saying
New 15-12, 12:06
Yeah it was a good suggestion by some members here.
New 15-12, 11:06
Very nice I wish my forum had this.It's all PMs at Jeansfun
New 15-12, 02:35
Thanks glad you are enjoying it
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