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17-01, 03:31
17-01, 02:32
I miss sharing my wife and reading everyone’s opinion
16-01, 15:53
hopefully this time it lasts and if it goes down again it's not for such a long time, you got me looking for a replacement this time
16-01, 14:55
Glad the site is back up hopefully you got it all fixed now!
16-01, 13:18
Don't worry I will always keep this site going
16-01, 01:10
We're back! Yay! Every time I worry the site won't come back again
15-01, 15:56
Glad we are back
15-01, 11:34
Hi Apologies for the downtime. I hired a software engineer to try and fix the problem once and for all. Hopefully he has. Remember to follow me on twitter to keep up to date with any site updates.
15-01, 05:59
IDK what is going on but I fear this site not lasting
11-01, 01:58
been off here for ALONG time..what did i miss?
02-01, 15:13
how can I see the picture jamesforster?
01-01, 20:27
https://unsee.cc/39ec082e/ hey guys first time trying this got a shop worker earlier tonight
30-12, 20:05
ThongKing, glad you liked!
28-12, 12:15
Car park shoot
28-12, 02:20
LEAving it for longer now https://unsee.cc/8f2402e0/
26-12, 08:59
25-12, 16:14
New posts in my thread ��
24-12, 19:29
lets see how long it lasts this time...
23-12, 04:32
adding some pics of my wife there
23-12, 04:32
22-12, 00:12
Glad we are back
21-12, 19:22
Sorry for the sits downtimes. In the new year I will be getting someone to look into the root causes.
21-12, 18:03
What’s up with this site? It’s been going down off and on for extended periods for several months now!
13-12, 04:06
I'm starting to get worried by how often the site's been down for me, it's becoming almost a weekly thing
09-12, 09:11
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