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24-05, 21:56
I am aware that people are having trouble logging in. I am trying to fix this issue as soon as possible
24-05, 17:57
You need to email him. mrthongking@gmail.com
23-05, 05:59
Thong King please answer my private message
19-05, 02:51
Hey whats up all
18-05, 07:09
where's all the contributors?
13-05, 20:09
12-05, 08:46
Why is the site down , i miss it can some one tell me ?
10-05, 23:06
This site is going downhill and it's not cause of servers. People need to start posting more raids. This site is nothing without fresh content
05-05, 06:55
03-05, 17:41
Welcome to Whaletail-Forum.com!!
03-05, 16:26
how come i cant see all the pics ?
03-05, 16:25
hey guys just activated my account
30-04, 18:01
30-04, 15:04
new stuff in the wedgie section
28-04, 06:35
@ThongKing: Do you need any help with your server?
27-04, 18:03
Still working on the site guys. Please bare with me as I am changing job at the moment so not had much chance to visit the site. Also remember to send messages to my person email account for anything you want a quick response to
27-04, 17:58
Apologies lululemon. I have been changing jobs recently so not had a chance to check the site. I will delete your account for you
27-04, 09:27
27-04, 09:27
we are on tumblr too BootyBuns88
27-04, 09:27
new member here.
27-04, 09:27
26-04, 18:46
I've asked for my account to be deleted several times, ThongKing. Please be decent and respond to my PMs
20-04, 07:03
Mooning, Thong tweets, VTL and more http://whaletail-forum.com/showthrea...-Thongs/page13
17-04, 19:18
how does my account get activated ty
17-04, 13:17
does any1 kno what minute the JLAW thong slip is in passenegrs?
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