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27-03, 06:51
Vtl, thong bikinis, flashing thong butt, tweets and more!!http://whaletail-forum.com/showthread.php?3933-Fun-With-Thongs/page12
26-03, 07:02
just joined the new one
25-03, 21:00
See you later, WhaleTail-Forum.com! It was fun See you at ThongForums.com!
24-03, 07:47
If you'd like to see what the forum looks like right now, go to forum.thongloader.com - the temporary URL until things transfer to ThongForums.com
24-03, 07:45
We'll be posting there from now on!
24-03, 07:45
We're the proud new owners of ThongForums.com. A small forum will be live in a few hours. There are no ads, no bullshit, a dedicated image host, and the list goes on. Everyone is welcome to check it out and contribute!
23-03, 21:24
I offered to buy the website and run it properly. I was turned down. #sadhombre
23-03, 16:37
WT-F Community: No, I cannot delete your account. Please send your requests to ThongKing. I understand he isn't responding to your PMs - nothing I can do. #SAD
22-03, 04:03
Scott is 100% correct. The security issues have destroyed this community. If this cannot be a safe place for members to post their content, then this site dies.
22-03, 03:51
The warning only shows on chrome, I've logged on w/out warning on other browsers
21-03, 08:02
Also, I cannot fix any of the issues with the forum so please send your PMs to ThongKing
21-03, 07:59
ThongKing - Fix the issues by April 1st, or we're moving on.
21-03, 07:58
You guys (and gals!) are what I care about most.
21-03, 07:56
The site needs to be safe, reliable, and hosted on servers that are secure. I've asked ThongKing to fix the issues with the forum. I've even extended the idea of taking ownership of the forum because of the lack of maintenance and care.
21-03, 06:21
site is still dangerous and error filled, what's going on?
18-03, 22:34
Fuck ya you do gstringaddict. We need more thongwife pleassee
18-03, 10:11
I think I can speak for the community here when I say, "We've missed your updates!"
18-03, 10:10
Longs story short, it's safe. Feel free to post any and all updates you have
18-03, 10:09
ThongWife, Chrome reports it as a deceptive site because it doesn't use 'https'. The spyware/popups have been cleaned up and the site is submitted for review from Google to get the 'deceptive site' flag turned off for it.
17-03, 03:02
when will this site not be dangerous? i wana update my threads
11-03, 10:16
Kik me right now to trade thong drawer and Raid pics. @universityred
10-03, 02:16
the New Posts page is down again
08-03, 01:36
Found this whale tail on reddit, anybody know if its from one of the regular members here? http://www.imagebam.com/image/f81715536809293
03-03, 05:55
I want the celebrity thong video password
02-03, 17:15
KIK thatguy_761 to panty chat and trade pics...online now
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