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    Which ones

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    Walmart clearance

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    Doctor followup cought off guard

    So I went to doctor this morning for a follow up and did not expect him to check my lymphnods again as he already had 2 weeks ago. I was wearing a red doreanse men's thong under my jeans today. He asked me to jump on to examine table and asked to take shirt off and lower pants to knees. Scared...
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    Gym with new doreanse thong

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    Friday night thong

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    Thrift store find

    Just found this classic VS at thrift store.
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    Doreanse air thongs

    Selling. Have 3 medium left. Lmk
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    Selling thong collection

    Make offer on all.
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    Hanky panky

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    Cycling the trails

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    Diy womens thong with a pouch

    First post ever. Here u go
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    Have a collection of random old gfs thongs

    Now married and need to get rid of collection before wife finds it. Not sure how to post pics here but u can email me for pics if interested.
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    Candyman lace

    Anyone have experience with candyman lace thongs? Hows the sizing?pics?