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    Mrs A online 🥰

    Hey, wanted to show you guys today's outfit along I do have a video too but I don't know how to upload that 🙊 😘 Mrs A
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    Mrs A deciding what to wear tomorrow when we go out 👀👀

    This is what she has proposed so far 😍
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    Mrs A's return from the supermarket outfit 👀👀

    Mrs A decided to go shopping without me and this was her outfit of choice 😍. However I knew everyone would be looking at her but she loves it so what can I do 🤷‍♂️
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    Ideas what to wear...

    Mrs A needs some ideas on what to wear, if you've seen my first post you'll get an idea of how she likes to dress when she goes out. Help her out guys!! Dms are open if you don't want to post directly on here
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    This is how my wife dresses every day 🤤

    My wife likes to tease me and every other man she sees during the day by dressing like this and literally showing her thong everywhere 🤤🤤🤤. Some home shots I got earlier after she got home from shopping 😅 Show her some appreciation and she might reply to you guys on here...