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  1. Maxwell2

    stained strings

    Some people like to see how g-strings and thongs have been used. Well, my niece P. left a couple of used strings in het room, where I picked them up:
  2. Maxwell2


    Yesterday I saw a girl in a museum with an impressive ass. Her trousers seemed to be there to underline what she had. She looked to be very proud of her ass. So I decided to make a picture of this piece of art. Do you see her panty lines?
  3. Maxwell2

    my undies

    Let me show you my new undies. What do you think of these?
  4. Maxwell2

    I steal thongs

    Hello, let me introduce myself. I am male, straight, and obsessively interested in women's undergarments, especially thongs and g-strings, but also underwired lace bra's and garter-belts. I love to see the seductive pieces in shop-windows and of course on the street, on the bodies of real women...