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    Alisha Boe Thong

    From her Instagram:
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    Dua Lipa Thong
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    Brittany Aldean (Brittany Kerr) Thong

    A higher quality image of the picture I posted would also be appreciated!
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    Brittany Aldean (Brittany Kerr) Thong

    Brittany Aldean (Kerr) is the wife of country superstar, Jason Aldean. The ex-cheerleader has done some modeling in the past. I was able to find one picture of her in a thong. Please share if you have or could find any more!
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    Maren Morris Thong

    Maren Morris is an American Country Music Singer/songwriter These images came from her most recent TikTok. The first image is her in the same outfit and the second image is a nice VTL