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    Staying With A Friend!

    Ok guys, this is just a possible opportunity at this point, but... I'm out of town staying at a friend's place... His wife is hot and fit! I actually was able to grab two of her soiled thongs a few years ago, so I am well familiar with her sexy scents! Now, as we speak, both my friend and his...
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    New Soiled Thong Finds!!!!

    I'm kicking off this new thread to let you all know I scored a brand new soiled thong from a new, hot milf today!!!!!! Went to a kid birthday party today and the kids mom is HOT!!! She is super fit, tiny body with huge tits!!! I see her at the elementary school and she is always in workout...
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    My Soiled Thong Collection!!!!

    Here's my soiled thing collection! Hand snatched from 14 different girls for a total of 31 soiled thongs!!!! I've included one more below that didn't make it in the original picture! And I only sniff and keep thongs from girls I deem hot - slim, fit, sexy with cute faces too! If they're not...
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    House Sitting!!!

    Hello! The wife and I will be doing some house sitting for some friends for a few days! Yes, that's right, I am on the verge of enjoying a totally new asshole scent! And it has been quite a long time since I've had such an opportunity! Yes, I've enjoyed my wife and SILs scent many times over...
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    SILs Thongs

    Hi guys! It time to start a thread about my SILs soiled thongs! I will start off by reposting some pics from the numerous sessions I've had at her house when she's not home! For those who might have not seen my posts on whaletailtalk, I've been extremely fortunate to get my hands on my SILs...
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    My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    I caught this yesterday and felt like I needed to share with everyone for your stroking pleasure! Check out that HOT peeking thong from my wife!... After that, she went and took a shower. The door to the bathroom was slightly open, so I peeked in to find that tiny blue thong (that she had...