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    Thandie Newton

    From this WWD article: Film actresses have exclaimed all manner of things in interviews, but it’s safe to say that until now none has ever revealed the following: “the inside of my butt cheeks were literally rubbed raw!” Thandie Newton is telling the horror story of her Christmas vacation in...
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    Cassie Steele

    From this ELLE article: "I was 14 during that episode and I felt like it was a bit shocking and edgy for TV--or at least for someone that was 14 then. When I put the thong on, I was wondering if I looked as hot as I feel. I started to wear them because I really wanted to feel older. I was the...
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    Dakota Fanning

    In case the Instagram post gets deleted:
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    Amanda Seyfried

    In response to these shots:
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    Alexa Chung

    YAHOO INTERVIEW “My days were spent in a flesh-coloured thong...” STYLIST INTERVIEW “For work I have to wear flesh-colour thongs a lot...” FOOTWEARNEWS INTERVIEW “Probably a see-through dress with a thong isn’t my thing — I need to do a few more squats before that can happen.” PHOTOS
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    Hunter King Thong

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    Alexa Vega/Camilla Belle

    ALEXA: "So they strip me down and I'm just in a thong. And I'm like, "cool." So I put my hands up and turn them over like that, and then you have to stand there naked for like an hour, or an hour and a half." CAMILLA: "And then I walk in, and I'm like, "Oh! Hi, nice to meet you." ALEXA: "And...
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    Ana Gasteyer/Molly Shannon (SNL)

    From this New Yorker article: "My first time on the show, I was in a G-string. It was this Caribbean Essences commercial parody with Tracy Morgan being a Rastafarian. I don’t even know what the hell it was. Anyway, we were all supposed to be in a big like hot tub covered with bubbles. And we...