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    My wife had to pee

    Hello all, I figured I would share this. My wife had to pee the other day while outdoors and had no where to go. She was reluctant but I eventually persuaded her to pee. Had to snap a pic of her, for (myself) and to share. Enjoy! Comments are welcomed! And yes that was a black Victorias...
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    Thong or no thong?

    I need your professional help .... Is this a thong or not a thong? Brunette MILF Hidden Toilet Clip Thoughts .... Mhhhhm I love this clip
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    Cumming in the laundry room

    Hello all, New here, was a avid member of the old whaletail site, glad I found this again. Here is a video I shot in the laundry room at my complex, cumming in some panties ;) Hope you like it! Of course i zipped up and put everything back in the dryer. What a rush, love doing that...