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    Office uniforms and Satin She reminds me of a school teacher the way she is dressed and to see her wearing a sexy pink thong underneath is very hot...
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    Youtubers Talking About Thongs

    Well according to her instagram, she is married so I would say yes...Asian women tend to look young, don't they?
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    Cousin thong

    Guys I found this video on xvideos: It seems the most recent screenshot is from this video
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    Wrestling Thongs Collection!

    At 1:38 you can see some of Sasha's purple panties when she falls down and again at 2:08-2:11.
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    Shirt tucked into underwear

    Skip to 6:48 to see her shirt tucked into her thong. Receives a massive wedgie at 7:20
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    Shirt tucked into underwear

    I found this on the internet:
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    Sportswomen Thongs

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    Aunt Thongs

    Well since the cat is out of the bag now, can you work into a conversation to have her wear Calvin Klein and/or Victoria Secret PINK panties with the logo on them?