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    Male celeb in thong

    Nice to see a male celeb promoting thongs
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    Men wearing thongs on tv

    Here in the uk is a new tv show called naked beach. Basically trying to make people body confident, but the models are all wearing thongs including the men!
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    Wearing thongs to the doctors

    Hey Does anyone else love wearing a thong to the doctors? Today wore my bright red stripy lace thong to doctors appointment and my usual doctor wasn't in so I had a very young attractive Asian girl. Been having testicle issue and she asked to take a look and called a chaperone, chaperone was...
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    Celebrity big brother uk jedward

    Just see this of jedward wearing a borrowed thong thought some people might like
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    Weekend flash advice needed

    Hello! My girlfriend has her best friend staying after a girls night out and I would love to flash her wearing only a thong. My girlfriend knows and supports my thong living, and we live together so have shared draw full of thongs! It's my dream! Anyways we have a one bedroom flat and was...
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    Ariel Winter Thong

    Hey! Never posted pictures before so don't know how! But have attached link to story where can clearly see thong strap
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    Flashing relative

    Hey! Will Apologise for the quality of my writing now! Recently moved into my first home with my girlfriend, I am a very keen flasher have been for years but she does not know this side of me. Our flat has small hallway with the bathroom and bedroom doors facing each other, amazing set up...