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    Pinterest Thongs

    Thought I’d start this thread as Pinterest seems to have a whole bunch of goodies! Something about this chick with her tight little ass and pointless fashionable belt that does absolutely nothing fortunately to prevent her little thong slip, enjoy!
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    Whale Tail Stories

    Anyone have any good stories of a time when they were out and about and saw a whale tail? Here is a fascinating whale tail story of mine! So I work in the deli at a Publix here in South Florida and one night several months ago just after 9:30pm just before we closed this hot chick(cannot...
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    My Whaletail Collection

    Thought I'd start my own thread as I have my own saved collection of whaletail thong slips that you've may or may not have seen. To start does anyone else remember this extremely sexy thong slip? The girl ACCIDENTALLY tucked her shirt into her thong and throughout the video all you see is her...