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    Christina Milian Thong

    There's one in her Instagram story right now. But I don't know how to save videos and can't get the screengrab timed right.
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    Christina Milian Thong

    It was a Savage X Fenty review. She's done them before.
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    Christina Milian Thong

    She had an Instagram story on 5/19/20 where she modeled lingerie and was talking about thongs etc.
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    Clean With Me Videos

    Id legit give anything to see this video again.
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    Best whale tail girl on instagram!

    Great stuff! Where is the video from?
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    Nicki Minaj Thong

    Where is that from? It's awesome.
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    Christina Milian Thong

    Expires after 24 hours. Managed a screengrab, but couldn't time it right. Was drunk lol.
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    Christina Milian Thong

    Her Instagram live has a quick jeans slip. I don't know how to capture it.