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    My fashion show thong story

    Something that I find extremely sexy is when girls are literally being required to wear a thong for an occasion. In the past I worked as a model (lucky me) and I remember receiving a call sheet before a multi-day fashion show event which showed all of the clothing/grooming requirements for the...
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    How much of a turnoff is it if you're on a date with a girl and when you get intimate you find you she is not wearing a thong?

    To me one of the most exciting parts of a date is the 'finding out if she's wearing a thong moment'. It is incredibly satisfying you put your hand down her pants or under her skirt and finding just that little piece of fabric there, knowing that she consciously put it on earlier that day...
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    Combate - Argentinian Gameshow

    In the older episodes of this show the women wear thong bikinis. Here are some links: ¡Se vino "pastilla colectivo" a Combate! - YouTube ¡Pastilla colectivo! - YouTube Combate HD, GOMON HOT 3. Enero 2018 - YouTube Combate HD Enero 2018. Mica se pelea - YouTube Combate HD Verano 2018. Chicas...