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    MY GF

    Any of her butthole? I'd love to give it a cleaning for her after a long, hard, stressful day.
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    Ex Asian Girlfriend Loved Thongs

    Yum. Absolutely love the tan lines
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    My Ass in thongs

    Daily. Maybe even twice daily!
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    23F New To Thongs

    She soooooo fine! Would love to see her sitting "frog butt" (google it will be the easiest way to describe it lol) in a colorful thong from the front and back please. She's got absolutely amazing curves 😍🤤😍
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    My Ass in thongs

    You've been missed 😍😍
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    Pants Pulled Down Showing Thongs

    Mmmmm fat assed nurses!
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    Sister in Laws Thongs and Panties

    Oh I enjoy a big ole pair of dirty period panties as well! No complaints here!
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    Sister in Laws Thongs and Panties

    Those look like your typical filthy "period panties"
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    I wanna sniff right where it goes from triangle to string right between her pussy and asshole
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    Lots of ass and lots of tatts, guess who?!

    This is the winner of the bunch!
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    My new fiance

    Oh you gonna take me home tonight Oh down beside that red fire light... 🤤😍🤤
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    Girlfriend dirty VS thongs

    I'd scrape that off and sprinkle it on my toast in the morning!
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    My german Wife

    Another thicc gf 😍😍
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    Sexy wife

    As a connoisseur of fat pussies, long luscious lips and thick clits, it would be rude of me to not mention it. And glad she thinks so. It's all about how you send them back home... usually they are quite proud of their conquest and enjoy showing it off/sharing it with the other half.
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    Sexy wife

    Shes got a fat lil pussy to match that ass, doesn't she? ;) Bet ya she has no problems handling ANY of the boys... And I'd absolutely love to send her home to you with a hot load in her for you to drive deeper into her once you get your hands on her.
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    23F New To Thongs

    Thicc everywhere 😳😳😳
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    BBW/Thick/Curvy Thongs ONLY

    That's a healthy big bum!
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    Plus size GF thongin it

    Yup, would love to see more of that big ass!
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    Candid Beach Shots

    Those are a coupla healthy bums for sure.
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    My Gf sucking me off

    Probably right where that tiny string goes over her asshole/pussy and all over the rest of the nice big soft jiggly looking ass