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  1. B @ Bignuts28:
    And the forums are under maintenance but the sections will be back
  2. B @ Bignuts28:
    Any ladies want to trade live pics on snap? Pm me
  3. roguesith @ roguesith:
    is there a section of the forum still missing? some of my favorite saved threads are gone
  4. ForTheLoveOfPanties @ ForTheLoveOfPanties:
    All good to chat with whoever would like to for the next few hours.
  5. Koi burstangel @ Koi burstangel:
    Hi everyone...hope you'll having a good evening
  6. S @ Southernbelles panties:
    Any real trades in SC?
  7. Teendreams @ Teendreams:
    Anyone up to chat?
  8. ElPajarito @ ElPajarito:
    Any update on the amateur thong section @ThongKing ?
  9. Teendreams @ Teendreams:
    Anyone on that wants to chat right now?
  10. ForTheLoveOfPanties @ ForTheLoveOfPanties:
    @Samyking is a scam
  11. ForTheLoveOfPanties @ ForTheLoveOfPanties:
  12. ForTheLoveOfPanties @ ForTheLoveOfPanties:
    Folks. Be cautious of samyking. Trued to dupe me.
  13. U @ UKThong:
    Any UK members want to meet? East Anglia area here...
  14. ForTheLoveOfPanties @ ForTheLoveOfPanties:
    Lets ne honest samy. You aint got mutch to trade mate.
  15. S @ Samyking:
    Someone want to trade some stuff, kik: Samyking69
  16. P @ plus5nine:
  17. J @ Jamesdoor:
    Pm me
  18. J @ Jamesdoor:
    Anyone wanna message on kik?
  19. Teendreams @ Teendreams:
    Anyone on that wants to jerk while I feed them pics?
  20. Z @ zcallen:
    anyone want to talk on kik? love talking about the girl that got my thong obsession going and share pics. kik is aled56
  21. J @ Jamieharris1985:
    Hi all where can I get the password for the celebrity locked content please?
  22. Teendreams @ Teendreams:
    Anyone wanna chat
  23. M @ Moonwatcher:
    Amateur Thongs section still missing. It is NOT under Whaletails.
  24. Koi burstangel @ Koi burstangel:
  25. Koi burstangel @ Koi burstangel:
    Hi every ...hope you'll doing okay this evening