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  1. W @ Wichsgurke:
    @Seant1888 look up for "Feinstrumpfhose" Group on facebook
  2. B @ Bigj88:
    Just sat with my MIL’s knickers anyone want to chat swap pics?
  3. W @ WhaletailWavexo:
    Hey Everyone! Just letting you all know I'm having a huge discount on my OF Subscription prices. 3 month sub is only $9... 40% off! 6 month sub is $16.50... 45% off! and a year sub is $30... A massive 50% off!! Monthly sub is still $5 which is the lowest it can go so grab a discount on the other options while you can. I'd love to share all my new content with you xx. Profile Link
  4. G gistro:
    Alisha leemann
  5. S @ Seant1888:
    Anyone know of other forums with shine strap panties girls?
  6. K @ kingcox87:
    anyone in new jersey?
  7. A abigale:
    hilary duff
  8. C ChinokoBoy:
  9. Mr Athena Blue @ Mr Athena Blue:
    @davis21 lol my minds blown, been a member for eight years and never knew that
  10. D @ davis21:
    @Gold You’re able to close the shoutbox by clicking on the - symbol on the right side. Hope that helps!
  11. S Seat2005:
    Friend thong
  12. Q @ qwertyop132:
    I love her feet
  13. Q @ qwertyop132:
    expands its content, apparently there is demand
  14. GhostHunter @ GhostHunter:
    Dislike Amy's new vid 😒
  15. Gold @ Gold:
    I think we should just remove the shout box entirely. It’s kinda pointless and it’s the first thing you have to see
  16. U Unknownuser1515:
    Thong slips
  17. ElPajarito @ ElPajarito:
  18. T @ tully:
    i hope they'll be able to transplant her a face someday
  19. P @ plus5nine:
    Vixens need size to satisfy their needs
  20. Mr Athena Blue @ Mr Athena Blue:
    Is there a way for the admins to make the shoutbox only available to members that have either been a member for a certain time or have made significant amount of posts like Reddit kind of? I see a ton of spam and at this point kind of get amused by it but I feel bad for the admins that have to go out of their way to sift through and delete stuff
  21. ElPajarito @ ElPajarito:
    Sexy selfies
  22. P @ plus5nine:
    No pinching!
  23. D @ dandac13:
  24. P @ plus5nine:
  25. thonglover09 @ thonglover09:
    Jesus Christ! The shout box was spammed like crazy