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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacie_Fong View Post
    One of my favourite clips

    I had forgotten I'd already tried to get a reaction from these 3 earlier on in the evening, but that didn't stop the blond squatting down and giving a two handed wedgie.

    3 hot girls 2 handed squat wedgie

    Screengrab of the wedgie
    Pretty amazing clip lol

    Why do you stop them when they wedgie you? you should just stay still and see what happens

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    Best clip from this batch
    This is the clip which gave me a new favourite method for getting clips.

    So I sat on a backless chair, set up my camera, and then as you can see in the clip I took my shirt off showing my thong while wearing a short t-shirt.

    The girl in the back saw first and informed the rest of her group.

    The girl in the foreground then slides over, informs the next table of my underwear (guys) and then gives a quick tug on the underwear, and the conversation ensues.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pingthestring View Post
    Amazing Reaction Lacie! Out of interest has a woman ever slapped your behind after seeing your thong? Because you seem to have gotten quite a few wedgie reactions
    Not yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gbanger View Post
    Holy shit Lacie that video is amazing. That girl is smoking hot and she was not playing around with that wedgie. Two handed, full squat for leverage.... your asscrack had to be raw after that one. Middle school bullies could learn a thing or two from her technique! hahahaha
    Quote Originally Posted by Omeeja View Post
    Just absolutely incredible work like always!! Bravo bravo!

    Quote Originally Posted by greatname View Post
    Pretty amazing clip lol

    Why do you stop them when they wedgie you? you should just stay still and see what happens
    I don't necessarily stop them, I just gave a genuine reaction to the wedgie, as I would if someone lifted my male underwear, I'll see if not reacting as much and standing up immediately is any better, however I don't want to make it seem like a creep by appearing to be enjoying the wedgie from a stranger.

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