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Thread: Rachel Riley Thong

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    I think you're confusing her mic pack and the mic wire with a thong. She, along with many female presenters, wears a mic pack on a belt or attached to her underwear.

    I've just watched it, I didn't see a thong. Twice you've alerted us, been found to be incorrect and then not said anything afterwards.

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    that is a nice ass

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    I'm pretty sure this is from an 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, not yesterday's countdown.

    Good find though, but I'm forever a sceptic. She seems to he very careful.

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    Yeah that mic pack is a curve ball for sure
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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    Its not Rocket science is back on ITV player because they must have been shown recently, here is a couple of snaps and a video taken on my phone, I am confident theres a thong

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    Not a thong. It's the lights above reflecting off the top edge of her belt. We'd all love it to be a thong, but it just isn't in this instance.

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    is there one in the silver dress?

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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong


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    Re: Rachel Riley Thong

    love it. was there a numbers game arse shot?

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