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Thread: Sportswomen Thongs

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Quote Originally Posted by joni joni View Post

    That's a good one! Thanks!

    This one really gets me hard!

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    That’s an amazing picture. They either have some of that athletes tape on their lower backs or some crazy stamp tramps. Damn they have some amazing bodies

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    photo of the year?

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Quote Originally Posted by anderl View Post
    Someone has some image of thong in weightlifting? I'm desperately looking for it, I've never seen one so far even though I'm sure someone uses them

    i am still unable to make screenshots. but this is a german weightlifter/BB-girl/fitnessyoutuber from germany. called lea. a lot of her videos are somekind of awkward and until now, i don't have found a video where you can see a thong while she's lifting. but in this video, she talks about dieting and weightcutting, she shows to pics of her in an thong and you get a nice backview @4:32 she shows the thong-shots one before and one after the diet

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Search for 'Bianka Bazsó visible thong line' on Twitter. Don't know if you like 'her'
    Twitter: @lovethongsuknow

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    from volleyball

    Mina Popovic - Serbia

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Wow nice shot
    My Top 5 Hot Thong Celebrities:
    1 - Kim Kardashian
    2 - Jennifer Lopez
    3 - Iggy Azalea
    4 - Khloe Kardashian
    5 - Salma Hayek

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    1 - Serena Williams
    2 - Maria Sharapova
    3 - Caroline Wozniacki
    4 - Elena Vesnina
    5 - Sabine Lisicki

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    4 - Hot Lady In A See Through White Dress

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs


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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    That's the best thing I've ever seen! They've changed the shorts with the leggings in the LFL and all the games are full of thong slips. Can't wait for more videos! You need to check this out guys:

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Fuck those lingerie football league videos are the shit. I love all the gstring slips

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