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Thread: Sportswomen Thongs

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    This thread is so hot

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Awesome! Love athletic women who wear thong underwear!

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    I really can't imagine myself it's comfortable to wear those thongs for those women, when they are practising their sports.

    But i freakin love it!
    Hope you can find more female soccer players in a thong!

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Ellen Hoog and Eva de Goede,
    Dutch hockeyplayers of the national team,
    its not in a game but still hot tough

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Thanks everyone for the compliments - happy to make a positive contribution to the site.

    And I agree thonglover - surprised by how many professional sportswoman wear thongs. I guess they want to be comfortable, so if thongs are their normal underwear, they'd go with that.

    Sorry I wasn't able to do an upload today - was a crazy busy day and didn't get time. It's now fairly late here down under, so off to bed now, but will upload a few more slips in the morning. I can reveal there's still plenty of quality shots to come, so stay tuned!!

    Sports still to come include:
    - rugby
    - skiing
    - football (soccer)
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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    I don't know her name
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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    this thread is amazing! what is the best place to search?

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    the first one is incrdible

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    Great stuff, would love to see some thong pics of basketball, softball, and volleyball players as well

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    Re: Sportswomen Thongs

    First up for the morning is Jen Hudak - she's an American freestyle skier who's won medals at the X Games.

    Back at the 2005 US Open, Jen came leaping out of the halfpipe, flashing her pink thong for all to see.

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