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Thread: afraid to wear thongs outside.

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    afraid to wear thongs outside.

    Hey guys,

    Iv been wearing thongs for like 8 years now. ( im 24)

    The only problem is that im afraid to wear them outside or to work,
    i wear them mostly when im home alone (my girlfriend doesnt like when i wear thongs)

    Sometimes i wear them outside but im checking every two seconds if my thong isnt showing.
    I think i will be embaressed as hell.

    Any tips from you guys to make it easier to wear them outside

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    I don't really wear them outside either. But I would say get a belt and do it up pretty tight. That way your jeans/trousers won't fall down as much.
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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    i wear my outside all the time. It doesn't feel like a big deal wearing them after the first few days. I agree with what thongwatchers said just wear a belt and do it tight as your can. Just make sure you thong is below the belt line when you tighten your belt or the tightness of the belt might keep it wear it is at. Also longer shirts are great for cover up whale tails. I get whaletails alot naturally but the long shirts that i wear always keep my undies concealed.

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    I wear them all the time, sometimes the hang out but most of the time they are fine. If you like wearing them I wouldn't worry about it. You will be fine, good luck

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    i love to wear thongs outside the house

    i dont think i've flashed my tail but you never know

    do you wear mens or womens thongs?

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    Thnx guys!

    I wear womens thongs

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    I wear a thong basically all the time, if you feel like you cant do it, wear one under a pair of boxers, I did that for a few years until I felt comfortable enough to wear just the thong! Hope that helps

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    Thnx aHellrazer i think thats a good solution

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    I simply started wearing them. I had a huge rush, not to mention arousal when I first started doing it, but the novelty wore off. now i'm self conscious about visible boxer line... which is a huge shift from being self conscious about a VTL

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    Re: afraid to wear thongs outside.

    ive worn thongs to work

    its a great feeling knowing what you are wearing but no-one else knowing

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