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Thread: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    You should tell her man lol maybe you can turn her into a super whaletailer you never know!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Ah man, I wish I could, but I know she wouldn't go for it!

    All good though!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Hey guys!

    I must admit, I've been selfishly sniffing my wife's thongs on a daily basis! They seem to smell sexier and sexier by the day!!! I've been enjoying a new technique where I put her thong around my head and position it so I can sniff the scent of her asshole and stroke freely (often to pics of her sister Super hot!)

    Anyways, I felt like I needed to share - my wife just peeled this off about 2 hours ago before she showered for work. Such a HOT pussy stain and a little teeny skid mark too! I hope you enjoy - please comment.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to press that skid to my nose and blow a quick load while looking at her sister's tits! haha!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    wow would I ever love to sniff her thong

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