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Thread: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    She's out running right now! I will do my best to snap some pics of her fresh wet thong while she's in the shower!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Hope you managed to get a nice sweaty used thong for us

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Hi guys!

    I just caught this sexy thong slip from wife this morning!

    And, here's a pic of the thong after she took a shower and left to go shopping!!!!

    I hope her ass gets you hard and stroking!

    Please comment!

    Last edited by dubman; 28-03-2015 at 05:09 PM.

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Love it sexy arse and thong in

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    great pics especially a freshly used thong!

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    mmm i bet it smelled so sweet

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Glad you guys are enjoying!

    Have any of you stroked or cummed to the pics? Would love to know!!!

    And, Bluebird, her thongs always smell HOT!!! A nice blend of clean, sexy pussy with a hint of sexy asshole (nowhere near as pungent as my SIL).

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    mmmm id shot my load to ur pics

    i bet u sniff all her thongs

    is ur sil a dirty slut?

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Nice Bluebird!

    Yes, I do sniff all of her thongs - every single day, usually within 20 minutes or less after she takes them off to take a shower.

    I have even come home from work for lunch to sniff and cum with a pair if I find one that has a super pungent asshole scent!

    My SIL isn't really a dirty little slut, but she's hot and her asshole simply smells amazing! 😃
    Last edited by dubman; 31-03-2015 at 02:05 PM.

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    Re: My Hot Wife's Hot Thongs!

    Today's thong from my wife! Freshly peeled off about an hour ago before her shower!!!!

    I saw the hottest whaletail with this one last night! I tried to grab my phone and snap a shot, but it would've b too obvious!

    Anyways, this hot thong is still warm! Surprisingly, not much scent or stain. My lady keeps her business clean. But, there was a slight hint of sexy asshole scent, which I love! 😃

    Enjoy and please comment!

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