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Thread: What originally got you in to thongs?

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    Re: What originally got you in to thongs?

    Would have been starting secondary school (about 12 years old) and there was this girl called Elizabeth in my form group. One of the first drama lessons we had she had to perform CPR to somebody as part of the roleplay, she did and out came a thick black thong. The drama teacher even asked her to pull her top down (it was out 2-3 inches) which she did, but then it pretty much came straight out again. She was a regular whale tail girl, and a shoeplayer also which is my other fetish. Also in my first year was this girl called Annie, never forget this whaletail she had one time where all you could see was a thin string coming out of her trousers and disappearing up her top, you couldn't even see the top of the thong! Unfortunately her top was too long so I didn't see any more, but it was so high! Funnily enough I never saw anymore thongs from her the whole time I was at school.

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    Re: What originally got you in to thongs?

    I agree. I was in secondary school from 2003 to 2010, and I saw lots of whaletails at school. It was just cool to wear thongs back then. I think there were no low rise thongs back then, so if you wore a thong and wore a short top, then your thong was going to show. Even teachers had their thongs showing above their pants. They were not intentionally showing their thongs. They just couldn't help it because there were no low rise thongs.

    I remember one time my biology teacher had to go through her cabinet because the head of science wanted something from her. She bent down so that she could get some files from the lower drawer, and there I was able to see her white thong sticking out of her trousers. It was out 2 inches and even the head of science saw her thong. I was just surprised because this biology teacher was a tomboy and she looked like someone who wouldn't wear thongs. I have more whaletail stories but that was the most memorable thong sighting from secondary school.
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