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Thread: the return of plus5nine

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    the return of plus5nine

    Upon finding this new site and seeing a few posts/ requests for my wife I have decided to share her here for everyone's enjoyment. Comments are always appreciated. I have old and new pictures and will be posting them throughout this thread. I would also encourage anyone who has saved her pictures from the previous whaletail site to upload her pictures as well.

    It is my pleasure and obligation to share my wife with you all. ENJOY!

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    So amazing. I remember her from the old site. Glad youre back and thanks for sharing that ass.

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    Oh man I love that ass!
    Feel free to message me about whatever to kill time pm here or kik at stringit21

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    Wow very nice! Love the short skirt
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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    Glad you found this site too!
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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    Absolutely amazing!!! Such a hot ass!!!

    Can't wait to see more!

    Thanks for sharing and please spread her ass cheeks wide for us!

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    wwwoooooooppp so hot thank u

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    Thank you for posting again, this is a start to a new wonderful beginning.

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    I remember you! Glad to have you back. She is gorgeous!

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    Re: the return of plus5nine

    what a hot ass love the second picture how old is your wife what size thong she wear how often you make love does she swallow

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