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Thread: Wedgie stories

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    remember being in high school from 98-2002 and thongs were everywhere, seemed every girl was wearing them and they always showed. I always loved thongs and wedgies so I'll never forget what my girl at the time said. We were out at kohl's and she had sweats on and was wearing regular underwear. I start joking with her about seeing her panty line and she says"I always wear regular underwear with sweats because someone will pants me and I don't want anyone seeing my butt in just a thong. I asked her about it trying to find out more info. She tells me that her and her friends are always embarrassing each other and if you wear sweats or comfy pants someone will pants you. She starts telling me about how in art class her friend britt pantsed her while she was leaning over the table and how luckily she said only a few people saw. So I'm asking more about it, she tells me that they pants each other, lift each others skirts or if your underwear is showing someone will yank it up your ass. I was like you give each other wedgies. All the time she says, then she starts laughing and says last week during lunch ash's thong must of been showing and mark walked by and gave her a wedgie and it ripped she went the rest of the day without underwear lol. That was the start of a great couple of years for me

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    Re: Wedgie stories


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    Re: Wedgie stories

    Thanks, I was so happy when she started telling me all about her and her friends

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    Long time ago one of kikys friends stayed with us for a couple of months. She got homeless after her boyfriend dumped her (she lived at his house) when he found her fucking his best friend at his house. I always hated her because she was a very well known whore in our town and was always encouraging kiky to cheat on me and even covered her many times when she did cheated on me. She was such an slut that she even offered herself to me many times (i never accepted because she was ugly as a cow and fat as a hippo)

    I used to prank her almost daily hoping she would leave my house. I filled her hair dryer with flour many times, hided her shoes, got all her clothes wet with water, fuckedup al her make up, and in many ocation gave her huge wedgies, since shenwas so fat and always wearing low rise jeans and thongs they will flash all the time. Once she droped to the floor as I was pulling jer thong and i pulled harder until the thong got ripped of.

    After more than two months kiky dumped her of my apartment because one night I opened the door of the apartment and the ugly slut was waiting for me naked by the door, what she didn't expected was that kiky came in with me it was so fucking funny

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    wow what a story, what happened to her

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    no idea

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    These stories are great
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    Re: Wedgie stories

    I saw my step sister get the biggest wedgie from her friend the other day. It was in the morning and my step sister had a friend over and we were all in the living room. My step sister was wearing a regular t shirt and a pair of white shorts. They want to watch tv but lost the controller so my step sister bends down to look under the sofa. As she bends down all you see ner PINK blue VS thong sticking out. And her friend goes up to her and says "Nice thong" and yanks her thong all the way up to her back. She even got lifted off the groind by her thong. After she pleads to stop her friend lets go and slaps her ass. Then I saw her dig down and struggle to pick the wedgie out. I also saw how she got her revenge.

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    love to seen that, how did she get her revenge, how old is she

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    Re: Wedgie stories

    My sister got her back a couple of days later when her friend came over again. The three of were hanging in my backyard. Then they start play fighting out of nowhere. They're play wrestling and ticking each other. Then my step sister gets up and while her friend is getting up, she grabs her friends stretchy black calvin klien bikini underwear all the way up. Since my sister is stroger and like 2 inches taller than her( shes a 5'3 twig) my sister was able to lift her friend off the ground. Her unserwear was almost at her head and after my sister let go she said "karmas a bitch". Then after my sister and I decided to team up and give her a wedgie. We both yanked on her umderwear and they even ripped a little

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