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Thread: Model Visible Thong

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    Amazonian Model VTL

    I plan on hnting for more, but what do you think? I love them!

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    Model Visible Thong

    Visible thong through the dress if you watch the catwalk video

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    i think i found my new favorite shopping site to perv on :P

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    thats so hot any more of these sites to look at?

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    These are incredibly hot. if anyone finds more of these, please post them

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    Oh wow that is hot. The best legitimate source to perv thing since !!!!

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    Quote Originally Posted by RBX View Post
    Oh wow that is hot. The best legitimate source to perv thing since !!!!

    Holy shit I didnt even know about this site. Thats the greatest thing I've ever seen. Are there any other sites like this?

    Also, has the site been changed recently or something? When I looked at past screenshots from that site there was like some interactive dressing room where you can change different underwears and stuff, I dont see that anywhere on the website.

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    Yeah, it's a great site to perv out on, haha! They update daily so there should be more coming as well.

    Here are a couple of more good videos:

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    Re: Model Visible Thong

    Great site, and Great update.. thanks for finding this

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