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Thread: Aunt's thongs

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    Aunt's thongs

    Hey everyone. Been following for a bit and decided it was time to post something. My cousins family is on vacation this week and I have the opportunity to watch the house. This gave me the perfect opportunity to get some shots of my Aunt's panties and bras. So here are some pics that I got today while I was there. Let me know what you think. The thong in the last pic is dirty. No stain really but had a nice scent to it.


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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    Very cool. Do you think she is a daily thong wearer?

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    picture of her body?

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    Yes, love to see her body pics and face as well if you can. You can hide her eyes. Tell her measurement as well. Thanks.

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    how about there ages and what size are there thongs. they are sexy. cant wait for update

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    Fantastic! how old is she?

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    lovely thong

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    So my aunt just turned and I don't happen to have any pictures that I can find. Based on what I saw in her drawer it seems like she only wears thongs. She has small yet nice boobs at 36A. Her panties were mostly size 3.

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    She turned 50 don't know why the age isn't above.

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    Re: Aunt's thongs

    can you get some sneaky snaps of her, we'd love to put a body to those great panties!

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