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Thread: Bodysuit Whaletail

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    Bodysuit Whaletail

    was lucky enough to capture these, not the best quality but feel like the bodysuit's are pretty rare to find so figured I would share. One other pic from the same trip, because why not?

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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    That white bodysuit is epic! You're right, they're a very rare find. Thank you for sharing.

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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    wow some nice shots.

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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    Great work! My new favourite type of thong
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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    Great! Love them!

    There was this Video of a girl shopping and exposing her thong bodysuit a looot! It was on youtube on a channel which was closed and I think posted on the old site...
    Does anyone know this video and where to find it? It was truely an amazing video... There aren't many videos out there of girls exposing their thong bodysuit :/

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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    Amazing job Rippedtorn!

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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    They are rare. This is the only one I could ever find.
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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    These are easily my favorite kind of whaletails

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    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    I just saw these and I wanted to make sure everyone else saw them too...

    Quote Originally Posted by ThongKing View Post
    Wearing an extremely hot thong body suit

    TK posted them ages ago but I just noticed them.

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    Thong fetish

    Re: Bodysuit Whaletail

    So good

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