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Thread: Cheating girlfriend.

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    Cheating girlfriend.

    Hi everyone, couple years ago I showed my girlfriend here - that time we were very good couple and in love. Unfortunatelly, she was cheating on me. For more than 1 year. When I got to know it I was in very bad condition. We broke up about hal year ago. Now I want to show you her pics... Small time to revenge, maybe I will be feeling a little bit better. Please comments as much as you can. Private messages are possible too. Everything is possible in your comment, you can ask me whatever you want. If you want to do it spicy and naughty - it's ok. Here you are!


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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    I think I remember her
    Feel free to message me about whatever to kill time pm here or kik at stringit21

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    nice ass what size thong she wear, how often did you have sex, did she swallow, how old is she. keep them coming.

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    Normally she wears M size. A the beggining we had sex about 2-3 times per week. Later, I mean last year of our relationship about 2 per month. Yes, she used to swallow. She is 28.

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.


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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    Mmmmm God that ass looks so tasty

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    Did she act slutty? Like purposely show her ass or tits off? You ever take her to the strip club? She get horny when she went out? Would you have done a threesome with another guy with her? More pics too please!

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    She likes acting. She always likes to show off herself - in the street wearing highheels and sexy clothes. I noticed many times she exposed thongs when sitting etc. I have never thought about threesome.

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    Would she play dress up or roll play? Was she a screamer? Did she have sex toys? What was her favorite position?

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    Re: Cheating girlfriend.

    Sometimes dress up, but she everyday looks sexy - especially to work and so on. She never screamed with me. She did not have toys. Her favourite posiotion was from behind.

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