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Thread: Stories - My Partner

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    Stories - My Partner

    Been with my partner for almost 9 years now, ever since I've known her she's always been into low rise jeans, the highest are around inch rise at the front, the lowest being a fantastic pair with a 5 inch rise!

    Yesterday we went out as she wanted a few dresses she could wear to work. She went out in a pair of tight jeans with a 6.5 inch front rise, a vest top that covered just up to her hips, and a pair of leopard print boxer shorts. With the extra coverage the boxers offered she was less conscious of how low her jeans were riding. So all day she had a few inches of her boxers showing above her jeans, so when you should have been able to see her hips and lower stomach with the jeans and vest top combo, all that you could see was leopard print underwear, super hot.

    As we were walking round the town into various shops looking for dresses, I placed my hand round her hips so that my hand was literally just around her boxer shorts band due to how low her jeans were, it was amazing that she didn't notice/care. At one point walking round,, she squatted down to adjust the zip of her ankle boots (one zip has a tendency to fall down) and out popped her butt crack, still covered by her boxers which were so tight you got a perfect outline of her crack out of her jeans. After standing up, she pulled her jeans up slightly to just above her crack, leaving a good few inches of her boxers on show for the rest of the day.

    Enjoy? I have plenty of stories involving low jeans and thongs/boxers/boyshorts. If you would like to hear them let me know, just not quite at the stage of taking pictures yet!

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    yes I would like to hear more stories, how old is she, what size panty she wear, how often you make love, lets see her panty drawer.

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    Sounds hot. Would love more stories. Its not all about pictures
    I've known girls who wear thongs under boxers sometimes becuause they show off the boxers. Is that what she does?

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    Never done thong underneath boxers before. Just those days where she wears her higher rise thongs with her jeans that have a 5 inch rise are the ones worth waiting for, far too hot. I could probably get a panty drawer photo at some point

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    Been a while guys, sorry.

    So at the weekend we went to see Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, which was amazing, but my partner was in super tease mode.

    She wore her black Motley Crue vest top with almost a completely open back (this one, jeans with around a 5 inch rise with a pair of batman boxer shorts. Just walking to the gig from the car park there was nothing more than a subtle hint of her underwear waistband, with her lower stomach out and pretty much her whole back. Then when the show started things got interesting. Alice Cooper comes out, crowd goes wild and the crowd start rocking, and as my partner does her jeans started getting lower. As she was dancing in front of me in the tight crowd I noticed the bat symbols on her boxers showing more through the slashes on her top, with her jeans just above her crack. As Alice Coopers set went on they gradually went lower and lower, but her arms were in the air most of the time, she didn't really seem concerned.

    Alice Coopers set ended and the crowd emptied out slightly, my partner turned round to talk, not bothering to adjust her jeans so around an inch or so of her batman underwear was showingat the front. Now around 5 minutes before Motley Crue came out the crowd got really packed, then out they came with the crowd dancing all over the place. My partner pretty much full on lost her jeans.

    After jumping around you could see about half her ass out of her jeans, it wasn't subtle, but so hot! I had to tell her she was going to lose her jeans if she wasn't careful, with her reply being "make sure they dont fall off then." Wow that made me hard, so there was me, rocking out to Crue with a hand on her ass (just covered by underwear) and another on her jeans (which I'm pretty sure would have fallen if i weren't holding them) and no-one else could see as the crowd was tight. As the show finished, so did most of the fun, she pulled up her jeans pretty much all the way just before we started making a move to the exit, but all the way back she had boxers showing at the front which I find really hot.

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    Re: Stories - My Partner


    So tried to convince her to wear her most risky jeans out shopping. They have a 4 inch rise (has to wax to wear them) but she won't wear them out as her crack just stays out all the time. She still said no, but not before this fun demonstration of how she'd look if she squatted down!

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    Interested in buying my dirty thongs or sexy pictures!? Email me at

    Want more!? Follow me on Instagram at ZButt123!!!

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    love your stories lowrise lover how old is she

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    Re: Stories - My Partner

    I like these stories a lot. Would love to hear more about how your partner shows crack!

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    Re: Stories - My Partner


    She's 24 years old. Now for a treat! She's said she doesn't mind photos being shared as long as nothing is 18+. She doesn't mind the candids at all! The first set were in my favourite low rise jeans, about a 5 inch rise. Quality isn't great on these, but the white material round the waistband? That's her underwear! The one in the red top is my favourite, the same 5 inch rise jeans with a white thong, that was way out! We went bowling later that day, and holy shit was her thong out! Every time she picked up a bowling ball, bowled or anything, whale tail!! And the last couple were while she was ironing the other day, these are her "comfy" jeans and are usually pretty safe, but not when he g string is that high at the front!

    Enjoy! Let me know if you like what you see and I'll get my candid hunting head on!

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