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Thread: Niece thongs

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    Niece thongs

    My niece, 27 years old, a big fat ass! somethimes send me thong selfies.
    No never fucked her, yess her ass is hot!

    And she told me she absolute hate wearing thongs because its anoying between her butt cheeks haha! Still wears them most of the time

    A little collection

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    Re: Niece thongs

    your nieces ass is smoking hott! wish she'd send me some!

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    Re: Niece thongs

    that is a nice big ass like to bend her over, what size thong she wear, bet she would love boy shorts would love to sniff her worn thongs. thanks for posting.

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    Re: Niece thongs

    I thing she wears medium. She mostly wear thongs i asked her

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    Re: Niece thongs

    I want her!

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    Re: Niece thongs

    How did you get your niece to send you thong selfies?? Are you all just a very open-minded family? lol

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    Re: Niece thongs

    Haha she knows about my fetish, i just asked her, she is a bit of a slutty girl

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    Re: Niece thongs

    Damn. Nice.

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    Re: Niece thongs

    Hahaha what can i say. Love thong firls. And this one happened to be my niece!

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    Re: Niece thongs

    Dude this is so hot

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