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Thread: Best Of

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    Cool Best Of

    This thread will be the Best Of thread where I (and the community is welcome to participate) post the aboslute best of

    If you want to participate, you'll need to abide by these simple rules and guidelines:
    • One Image Only!!!!!! If it is apart of a set, let us know and link the original post. But only pick and post one picture.
    • You must tell us why this image should be here. Back. your. shit. up. A simple "just cause" will get you one of these.
    • The photo has to have already been posted somewhere else on the site. This isn't the thread to post original content. We got like 20 other forums for that.
    • You must source where the picture came from (user, thread, post, etc...). Ima delete that shit so quick if you don't.
    • Do not submit one's own content lest ye be thought an egotastic.
    • You must post a quote of your post on the original thread stating that something they've posted has been posted on this thread. Here's an example from the below post.
    • Please use my next post as a template for how your post should look.
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    Re: Best Of

    User h0l0m0rphus in his thread thong adventures posted this awesome picture today...

    This picture is down right awesome. Take a look to see if I'm playin. Everything about it is just right. I feel like that is my hand lifting up her skirt. The panties are perfectly shaped on her even more perfectly shaped ass. I personally love shooting outside and in potential view of the public's eye. This picture gets me excited because I know exactly what it feels like to be holding the camera at that very moment. And it only gets magnified 1000 times when you get home and see the picture turned out perfectly.

    Link to original post.

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    Re: Best Of

    This post straight up made me fall over. I'm not sure who to truly give credit to (user sumadina made the post) for the picture of Katherine Heigl as the poster most likely didn't take it, but it is a damn fine picture and needs to be shared. I love the 3 layers to the pictures. The lace thong. The opaque pantyhose, and then the bodysuit. Ugh! Perfection. Too bad she's a terrible actress.

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    Re: Best Of

    I propose Poth2747 as the most awesome and thankful member of the forum If everyone followed his example this community would be a lot more interesting

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    Re: Best Of

    Poth2747 is officially the Member of the Month. PM me Poth for your reward.

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    Re: Best Of

    He deserves it! Congrats Poth
    Most of her worn thongs available FOR SALE. Email

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    Re: Best Of

    Nice work poth! Did you realise you are the highest poster on the entire site
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    Re: Best Of

    I would like to thank every one including ivan06660,, proudbf and thongking for there fine comments about me and winning the Member of the Month. I really appreciate it, hope every one has a wonderful day. thanks again.

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    Re: Best Of

    interesting thread but i think it should be others nominating others lol kinda lame if u nominate yourself wish this could catch on
    view my wife and let me know what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen =]!!

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    Re: Best Of

    Quote Originally Posted by ThongWife View Post
    interesting thread but i think it should be others nominating others lol kinda lame if u nominate yourself wish this could catch on
    Who has nominated themselves for anything?

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